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3rd feb 2012

5 February 2012

Have moved workshop.

Packing up and moving after 12 years was a job but now completed.

Great new workspace and even has a yard and attached wood storage area.

First workshop job is  making oak roof trusses for a new kitchen extension.

Roger Hickmans restaurant refurbished and the job of installing the renovated vennered panel in the Mancroft rooms at city hall completed. Has been a great privaledge to work with John Barnard on such a project.

Even got a micro adventure a few weeks ago, sleeping out  up in north norfolk on the marshes. A little cold but the sound of the cannadian geese was beautiful.  Turned down an offer of camping down in Thetford forest this weekend too cold for me.  Decided it was time to purchase a new sleeping bag and bivi.

Only two quotes out and order books full till the end of this month. Looking a bit scary, think this could be  completly different from the early 90s recession. But in Alan Sugars words stop winging and get on with it.

mallet and chisel preparing the grounds before insertion of the panel

Norwich from city hall

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