Johnny Sharples

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28 July 2012

The last six weeks have seen a massive change in personal

circumstances and I find myself once again single. I guess

thats what life is a a series of new chapters .

Work on the other hand has been perfect a continual series

of small and  interesting projects.

The most interesting one was an update on a kitchen I made

and fitted back in 1987 . This enabled the now elderly

customer to use the kitchen with greater ease. The job

required removing onecupboard to allow a tall  fridge to

be installed.

Then fitting the existing cupboards  with fully extending drawers.

I felt proud , the kitchen looked better than the day

it was fitted. This was because  the patina of  the norfolk oak

timber had aged through time and and a regular application

of beeswax.

The sun is shinning

And life is sweet

Enjoy the weather and the Olympics



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